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The TransformAble project, led by the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, advanced technologies successfully developed through TILE (The Inclusive Learning Exchange, [WWW] The technology applies the “AccessForAll” international interoperability specifications to allow websites with digital cultural collections to transform the presentation of these online resources so that they are personalized to each individual user’s needs. For example, if a user who is visually impaired logs into a cultural site equipped with TransformAble, the size of the text will be increased, the colours of the background and text will be adjusted to enhance the contrast, and important information will be relocated within the view. Similarly, if a user who is deaf visits the same site, any videos requested will be displayed with text captions.

TransformAble joins Sakai

Screenshot of TranformAble's PreferAble Toolset within Sakai

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1 Document - TransformAble Formative Evaluation Report
2 Document - Sakai Accessibility Review of Preferable
3 Document - Transformable Testing Report Matrix
4 Document - TransformAble Functional Specification
5 Document - TransformAble Iterative Testing Report
6 Document - TransformAble Technical Specification
7 Presentation - Innoversity 2006
8 Presentation - Sakai in Vancouver
9 Announcement - Integrating the TransformAble services into web applications
10 Presentation at Sakai Conference - Dec 2006
11 Presentation - CSUN 2007
12 Presentation - CulturAll Summit - Dec 2006
13 Announcement - TransformAble joins Sakai
14 Instructions - Using PreferAble in Sakai
15 Instructions - Installing TransformAble in Sakai
16 Event - Transformable Chat Transcript from Online CulturAll Summit on November 22, 2006
17 Website - TransformAble Sakai demonstration site
18 Announcement - TransformAble source code available
19 An Overview of the TransformAble project