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Event - Transformable Chat Transcript from Online CulturAll Summit on November 22, 2006

Transformable Chat

Transcript Start: 2006-Nov-22 14:53

Transcript End: 2006-Nov-22 16:19

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Jan RichardsHi Sam and Jennison
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Jennison AsuncionHey, I think I'm getting used to this interface now ;-)
Sambhavi ChandrashekarHello everyone, and welcome Anastasia
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Anastasia Cheethamhello, and thanks, Sam
Sambhavi ChandrashekarGood to hear that, Jenn
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Sambhavi ChandrashekarHi Christine
Christine StaddonHi Sam and everyone else
Sambhavi ChandrashekarAnastasia, shall we get started and let others join as they can?
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Smriti DevHi Sam and everyone
Anastasia Cheethamok, that sounds good
Sambhavi ChandrashekarHi Smriti
Anastasia CheethamCan we start with some introductions?
Faisal Anwarhey guys
Anastasia CheethamI know most of the people online, but some I don't know
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Anastasia CheethamPerhaps we can share what organization we're with, and what our involvement with CulturAll is
Anastasia CheethamI'm the technical lead on the TransformAble project
Anastasia CheethamI'm a software designer with the ATRC, at UofT
Vera RobertsI'm with ATRC and coordinate the artist's as innovators project
Anastasia CheethamJennison, you next?
Faisal AnwarI am from action pact
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Owen MilburnHi. I'm working with CFC and UofT in the Artists as Innovators part of culturall
Anastasia Cheethamthanks, owen and jaisal
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Anastasia Cheethamsorry - faisal
Jennison AsuncionTogether with Catherine Fichten and Maria Barile, I co-direct the Adaptech Research Network I work out of Toronto, while our office is at Dawson college in Montreal.
Anastasia Cheethamforgive my typing
Sambhavi ChandrashekarI am involved with Owen in his very interesting work
Anastasia Cheethamthanks, jennison
Anastasia Cheetham
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Christine StaddonHi, I work for the Canadian Abilities Foundation and we are a partner in the artist as innovators project
Anastasia Cheethamthanks, christine
Cindy SchatkoskiHello from the Banff New Media Institute
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Smriti DevHi, I work at the ATRC and am helping to coordinate Collaboration and Accessibility of Live Content
Joe Osawabinehello Ron Berti is here with me as well from Debajehmujig
Anastasia Cheethamwould anyone else like to introduce themselves?
Jan RichardsI'm a user interface designer also at the ATRC. I am the ATRC lead in the Interventions project - working with Chris and Ron at Debaj.
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Chris WemigwansHello Bruce is also with me, we are animators for Debajehmujig theatre group
Anastasia Cheethamthanks jan and chris
Anastasia CheethamHas everyone had a chance to look at the materials that were posted?
David OsawabineHello everybody. I'm an animator with Debajehmujig
Owen Milburnyes
Faisal Anwaryes
Anastasia CheethamShould I start with an overview of the project?
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Christine StaddonThat would be great
Joe Osawabineokay yes that would be great
Sambhavi ChandrashekarYes, Anastasia
Jennison AsuncionI did as well, and an outline of the project would be great.
Deborah Hessionsure
Anastasia CheethamThe TransformAble project deals with how web content can be transformed to provide customized delivery
Sambhavi ChandrashekarHi Catherin, we're just starting.
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Anastasia CheethamThe idea is that the content and its presentation is adjusted to each individual site visitor
Anastasia CheethamAt a simple level, the colours and size of the text can be adjusted
Anastasia CheethamAt the most complex level, the content itself can be adjusted
Faisal Anwarweb content include, audio, video __ text??
Anastasia CheethamFor example, text caption or audio descriptions can be added to a video
Anastasia CheethamA text description can be added to an image
Anastasia Cheethaman image or symbol-based representation can be substituted for text
Anastasia CheethamWe (the ATRC) developed a prototype of this sytem, called The Inclusive Learning Exchange (TILE)
Anastasia CheethamThere is a link to the site with the posted materials
Anastasia CheethamThe same technology is used on the Stretch site, which is also referenced in the materials
Anastasia CheethamHas anyone ever visited either of these sites?
Deborah Hessionyes
David Osawabineyes
Vera Robertsyes
Sambhavi Chandrashekaryes
Anastasia CheethamDeborah, were you able to try out any of the transformation?
Christine Staddonyes
Owen Milburnyes
Deborah HessionI attempted, but am unsure if I was successful
Jennison AsuncionIndeed, I checked out the Mars landing video. Was I supposed to do something in order to have the described video work, or should there have been description?
Anastasia CheethamJennison, normally the descriptions are not played
Anastasia CheethamThere is a link to edit your preferences
Anastasia CheethamThere, you can request descriptions
Deborah HessionI went to the Tile site and tried to select preferences
Anastasia CheethamOnce you save your preferences, when you return to the video, the descriptions will automatically be played
Deborah Hessionhmmmm
Anastasia CheethamDeborah, what happened?
Jennison Asunciongot it. I figured as much, however I thought I read elsewhere that the 'described' functionality was automatically on. I'll try it again.
Cindy Schatkoskii selected preferences, but i couldn't really notice how they had been implemented.
Deborah HessionI did this, I'll try it again
Deborah HessionI felt the same
Deborah Hessionis there a demo somewhere that has a split screen
Sambhavi ChandrashekarIt is worth looking at the video "Unheard Voices by Gael Hannon" on the Stretch site under Independent artists without and with captions
Anastasia CheethamWe appreciate any comments you have on the system
Deborah HessionShowing a before and after?
Anastasia CheethamThe stretch site does have a more simple interface
Faisal Anwari tried it too, but interface is not telling me if its done or not.. so i am not sure
Owen Milburni found the stretch site a lot easier to naviate and customize
Anastasia CheethamFaisal, what preferences did you try to set
Sambhavi ChandrashekarAnastasia, I wonder that the content preferences will work only if the captions are available.
Anastasia CheethamYes, asking for captions or descriptions will only work if there are captions or descriptions
Faisal AnwarCaptions, Audio descriptions , text size
Anastasia CheethamI'm sensing that it would be useful for us to provide some feedback if they were requested but not available
Sambhavi ChandrashekarDo you store them as separate parts - the video, captions and descriptions?
Deborah HessionI was trying for visual
Anastasia CheethamFaisal, did the text size not change? and did the captions/descriptions not come?
Cindy Schatkoskii also asked for audio descriptions
Cindy Schatkoskinothing seemed to happen
Faisal Anwaryeah
Anastasia CheethamAll of the videos in the NASA content do have captions and descriptions
Deborah Hessionsame here
Anastasia CheethamThat's very strange!
Jennison AsuncionIn the intro, you talk about how your web services can be used by any "suitable" web application. Can you talk a bit about how you are defining "suitable?"
Deborah Hessionworks on all platforms?
Faisal Anwarnow i am able to add captions
Anastasia CheethamI'm sorry it didn't work for you - I tested it just recently, and it worked for me
Sambhavi ChandrashekarFaisal, Did you click on Save to enable the text preferences?
Anastasia CheethamJennison, regarding "suitable" :
Faisal Anwaror see them under the video
Anastasia CheethamIn order for the system to decide whether or not captions can be added to a video (for example) all of the content must have metadata attached to it
Anastasia CheethamIt is the metadata that informs the system that the video contains audio content that would need captions
Anastasia Cheethamand it is the metadata that informs the system where the captions are
Anastasia CheethamMost content systems have some form of metadata
Sambhavi ChandrashekarSo the system will not be suitable if the captions are hardcoded?
Anastasia CheethamAny system which wishes to incorporate the TransformAble technologies would need to be able to add this particular metadata to the content
Jennison Asunciongot it.
Faisal Anwarwho is the possible user(s)??
Anastasia CheethamWe are currently developing the software into a set of open-source java libraries
Anastasia CheethamAny content repository could incorporate the software into their system
Deborah Hessionpublic libraries or university setting?
Cindy Schatkoskihave you done any user testing?
Anastasia CheethamThe source code will be open-source, so anyone can use it
Anastasia CheethamCindy, we did some user testing on the TILE system near the completion of that project
Anastasia CheethamWe will be doing more testing on the new version we are currently working on
Deborah Hessionwhat was your test audience?
Anastasia CheethamVera might be able to answer that question better than me - she conducted the studies
Faisal Anwari think its interesting to observes the user ability to understand interfaces on web.. i feel the interface is not so clear to get the steps
Christine StaddonFaisal, an article in the Fall 2006 issue of Abilities magazine written by Jutta discussed how technology has impacted the way people learn and teach.
Christine StaddonJutta discussed matching unique learners’ needs and there was a paragraph at the end that specifically referenced how TransformAble could be used to do this
Vera RobertsTILE was tested with a variety of users: individuals with low vision, individuals who are blind, individuals who are hard of hearing and individuals with learning disabilities
Vera RobertsIn an earlier version, we also had feedback from individuals who were deaf ASL users.
Anastasia CheethamChristine, thanks for the reference to the Abilities article
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Anastasia CheethamFaisal, yes, the interface in the TILE system is rather complex
Anastasia CheethamWe are working on simplifying it
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Anastasia CheethamThere are actually a great number of settings which could be set
Anastasia Cheethamso simplifying the interface is a challenge
Deborah HessionI think its a usability issue, not functionality
Vera RobertsOne helpful aspect of setting preferences is that once set they need never be reset until the individual has a different need to meet.
Anastasia CheethamFaisal, would you be interested in participating in user trials, to help us improve the usability?
Faisal Anwaryeah, i think we are dealing here with 2 different challanges, web interface and making it accessable...
Sambhavi ChandrashekarHere's the link to the article Christine mentioned:
Owen Milburni agree
Faisal Anwarsure.
Anastasia CheethamSam, thanks for the link
Faisal Anwari would love too!
Anastasia CheethamVera, yes, within TILE, preferences only have to be set once
Jennison AsuncionIt would be useful, I think, for a novice person to have descriptions of what is meant by "enhancing structure" and "enhancing navigation" in the settings area.
Christine StaddonThank Sam
Anastasia CheethamThis is also the case on the Stretch site
Anastasia CheethamWhen the user returns next time and logs in to their account, their preferneces are automatically loaded again
Cindy Schatkoskiyes, i agree: some description might be helpful
Anastasia CheethamJennison, yes, that is one of the things we're working on - a better description of what the things mean
Vera RobertsJennison, you are right. Technical language was a problem identified frequently by our usability participants.
Jennison AsuncionOne of the other complexities is the fact that some assistive technologies, such as JAWS create their own user experience for web pages, which is, more often than not, different from what the visual -
Christine StaddonI agree. I wasn't sure what things meant
Jennison Asuncionuser experiences is.
Anastasia CheethamJennison, would you be interested in participating in user trials?
Deborah HessionThe language----this is why I asked about your intended library, public or university
Jennison AsuncionDid this come out at all during the testing with the screen reding audience members?
Anastasia CheethamDeborah, with my tongue in cheek, I say that the intended audience is the whole world
Jennison Asuncionsure ;-)
Sambhavi ChandrashekarAnastasia, do the TransformAble services do only what TILE did or have you enhanced some aspects?
Faisal Anwarhow you come up with the technology soultion?
Anastasia CheethamOur initial focus was university institutions
Deborah HessionGood to think big
Anastasia CheethamThe TransformAble focus is on libraries of cultural content
Vera RobertsJennison, I'm not sure if I can answer your question well.
Anastasia CheethamSam, the TransformAble services do essentially the same transformations as the TILE systems
Anastasia CheethamThere have been some improvements to the specifications, but functionally, they are pretty similar
Vera RobertsScreen reader users seemed to navigate in the same way that sited participants would navigate.
Faisal Anwarwhat do you mean by cultural content?
Anastasia CheethamWell, the Stretch site is a good example
Anastasia CheethamAlso, artistic content
Sambhavi ChandrashekarHow easy would it be for a website administrator to add the code? Do we provide the service?
Vera Roberts(continued response to Jennsion) What we did find was that there were some grating aspects of the way the preferences were set up that really come out when a screen reader is used.
Anastasia CheethamSam, we're working out those issues
Faisal Anwargood question sam
Anastasia CheethamWe will be creating documentation of how to incorporate the software
Sambhavi ChandrashekarFaisal, cultural content could cover online museums, film archives, music libraries, etc., perhaps
Jennison AsuncionVera, that's good news. I was thinking specifically about the "enhancing the structure of the content" setting and whether the intended outcome was trumped by how JAWS renders the page. Basically, ---
Anastasia Cheethambut we would actually love it if some of the CulturAll partners would be willing to work with us to add the technology to their sites
Faisal Anwarand is it going to be only online or can run through DVD?
Jennison Asunciondid the JAWS user notice a difference when they changed settings?
Anastasia CheethamFaisal, it is designed for on-line purposes
Anastasia CheethamThe expectation is a repository of content that can be accessed
Anastasia Cheethambut if a DVD essentially contained such a repository, that could be possible
Faisal Anwarok
Anastasia CheethamWe are currently working to incorporate the services into Sakai
Vera RobertsJennsion, I honestly do not recall if the structure of content setting made a difference (I did testing quite a while ago now)
Anastasia CheethamIs anyone familiar with the Sakai project?
Faisal Anwarit would be neat to combine online with DVD based content for more possibillties, just a thought
Anastasia CheethamFaisal, that would be possible
Vera RobertsJennison, I'm noting your question for our next testing round though :)
Jennison Asuncionno problem.
Christine StaddonI am not familar with Sakai
Owen MilburnI'm not familiar with Sakai
Anastasia CheethamSakai is an open-source "collaboration and learning environment"
Vera RobertsAnasatasia, could you do a quick SAKAI blurb?
David OsawabineDont know from Sakai
Anastasia Cheethamit is being developed - and used - by a number of large educational institutions
Faisal Anwarwhats sakai?
Anastasia CheethamThe main partners included UMichigan, Stanford, Berkeley, and a couple of others
Anastasia CheethamIt is a kind of course management, content management system
Anastasia CheethamAnyone can write new tools for it and plug them in
Anastasia Cheethamfor example, calendar tools, testing, grading, etc.
Faisal Anwarright
Anastasia Cheethamit is a very large project that is gaining in popularity
Anastasia CheethamYou can learn more from the project site:
Sambhavi ChandrashekarAnd you are putting TransformAble into Sakai?
Anastasia CheethamNext month, we will be releasing the first version of two of the services at the Sakai conference
Anastasia Cheethamwe are working right now to incorporate those services into Sakai
Owen Milburni'm there right now. looks similat to a Course anagament System we used at SFU
Anastasia CheethamThe first two services are the preferences creation, and the appearance styling
Anastasia CheethamIn the spring, we will finish incorporating the content transformation service
Anastasia CheethamBecause Sakai is, itself, an open source project, we have been working with the community to incorporate the software ourselves
Anastasia CheethamI will be demonstrating it at the face-to-face summit on Dec. 1
Anastasia CheethamWill anyone here be attending that event?
Jan RichardsI'll be there.
Joe Osawabinea number of us from debajehmujig will be in attendance
Cindy Schatkoskino, unfortunately i can't go
Jennison AsuncionCatherine fichten,, Christopher gaulin and I will be there Friday.
David Osawabinei will
Christine StaddonI will be attending
Anastasia CheethamWell, after the Sakai conference, we will be posting more information about how the software is being released.
Anastasia CheethamSo for those of you who are not able to attend, there will be information available
Anastasia CheethamIs anyone who is currently online involved with any content repositories?
Anastasia CheethamWe're interested in working with partners who would like to incorporate the services into their sites
Faisal Anwarthats great
Deborah HessionThe work Faisal and I are doing is for kids, are you considering versions for different audience than university, in the near future
Anastasia Cheethamoh, yes - what we're developing can be incorporated into any system
Anastasia CheethamThe user interface for the preferneces creation can be customized to the audience
Deborah HessionGreat
Anastasia Cheethambut the idea of transforming the site is applicable to anyone
Christine StaddonI will definately mention its availablility to my co-workers.
Anastasia CheethamDeborah, Faisal, can you tell me anything about what you're working on?
Sambhavi ChandrashekarEven without video content, the ability to change text size, colours, etc. should be useful for many websites.
Anastasia Cheethamyes, I would think so
Sambhavi ChandrashekarIs that part of the code available separately?
Anastasia Cheethamyes - the three services are all independent
Anastasia CheethamThe idea is to create a toolkit that can be used as needed
Deborah HessionWe are working on story-based interactive content for kids, that incorporates physical computing as well
Anastasia Cheethamsounds interesting
Sambhavi ChandrashekarDo you have further plans in this direction, Anastasia?
Anastasia Cheethamwhat do you mean by "physical computing?"
Deborah HessionKids use their bodies as controllers to advance the story
Deborah Hessionsensors, switches, etc
Anastasia Cheethamoh, neat!! That sounds fascinating!
Deborah HessionIts fun
Faisal Anwarscreen and non screen based soultions. where you dont use convestional computer mouse etc and there are other means options to explore the content
Anastasia CheethamDo you include any haptics? Tactile feedback?
Deborah HessionYes we have some tactile sonics embedded, we are in prototype stage
Anastasia CheethamDeborah and Faisal, this sounds like a fascinating place to explore some of the possibilities of content transformation...
Jennison AsuncionHave the tools been tested with Flash-based pages and pages that generate dynamic content? Both of these web applications continue to cause some level of accessibility challenges
Anastasia Cheethamit's a very different environment than we usually think about
Deborah HessionAnd are currently working on, CulturAll, accessible version
Anastasia Cheethamno, we have not tested directly with flash-based content
Anastasia Cheethamalthough if an alternative to flash-based content is available, it could be substitiuted
Anastasia CheethamWe would like to investigate Flash, though
Deborah HessionAnastasia, we can talk some more in December
Anastasia CheethamYes, I would like that
Deborah HessionSuper
Jennison AsuncionI know that Flash is a popular application for eLearning, so it will be interesting to look at that I think.
Anastasia Cheethamyes, jennison, it's probably important since it is popular
Faisal Anwarand its effective and easy to handle
Deborah HessionFlash is everywhere, good to tackle this challenge
Jennison Asuncionas are the use of pages whose content is dynamically generated.
Anastasia Cheethamregarding dynamically generated content, we see the transformations as fitting in with that generation process
Anastasia CheethamDoes anyone have any questions about the services, or the project?
Jennison AsuncionI've got to take off. Sam has my contact info re following-up for future testing. I also look forward to meeting up on Dec 1.
Anastasia CheethamThanks for coming, Jennison
Sambhavi ChandrashekarWe'll keep in touch with you, Jenn
Anastasia CheethamWe appreciate your feedback
Anastasia CheethamI look forward to meeting you in persion
Faisal Anwarok, i have to go too,
Faisal Anwarthanks, we are looking forward to talk more some day
Anastasia CheethamFaisal, thanks for your input
Sambhavi ChandrashekarI guess some interesting connections were made today, Anastasia
Deborah HessionYes we'll chat more in December, get in touch with us thru Sam also
Sambhavi ChandrashekarSure, Debbie
Deborah Hessionbye
Anastasia Cheethamyes, sam, I look forward to following up on them
Sambhavi ChandrashekarI am waiting for an update from you after you return from Banff
Joe Osawabinegood-bye everyone, see you in Toronto
Sambhavi ChandrashekarJust so interested
Anastasia CheethamBye, Joe - thanks for joining
Sambhavi ChandrashekarYes, Joe, waiting to meet all of you from Debaj again on Dec 1st
Anastasia CheethamBye, Deborah, I look forward to talking more with you about your work
Christine StaddonThanks for the information Anastasia. I look forward to seeing more about it on the 1st.
David Osawabinenahow bamampii kawabmin
Anastasia CheethamThanks for joining, Christine
Chris Wemigwansciao, see ya later
Joe Osawabineron says bye as well
Joe Osawabinekawaapmin
Chris Wemigwanswas great being here, kaawaabmin
Anastasia CheethamThanks, Joe and Ron
Christine StaddonBye everyone
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David Osawabinekawabminn = see you later
Jan RichardsBye Chris
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Anastasia CheethamDavid, thanks for the translation :-)
Sambhavi ChandrashekarThank you very much, Anastasia, for the wonderful session
Sambhavi ChandrashekarI liked the pace and the content
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Anastasia Cheethamwell, I hope people got something out of it
Anastasia CheethamI appreciate the input, and the feedback
Sambhavi ChandrashekarSure
Jan RichardsThanks Anastasia - there was a good discussion.
Owen Milburnit was quite interesting. i wish you luck with it. and i'd be interested in implementing these tools
systemUser Jan Richards has logged out.
Anastasia CheethamOwen, I will get in touch with you about working with you on that
Owen Milburngreat! thanks.
Owen Milburni must be on my way as well. thanks again
Sambhavi ChandrashekarBye Owen
Anastasia Cheethamthanks, owen
systemUser Owen Milburn has logged out.
Sambhavi ChandrashekarI thank you once again, Anastasia, and we could close today's session if you want to.
Anastasia CheethamIf there are no more questions or comments, then I'd like to thank everyone for joining
Anastasia CheethamIt's great to get input from people on the project
Sambhavi ChandrashekarSpeaking for all, it was our pleasure
Anastasia CheethamAnd I appreciate teh contacts
Sambhavi ChandrashekarMore people will read the transcript
Anastasia CheethamThanks, everyone, for joining!
systemUser Cindy Schatkoski has logged out.
Sambhavi ChandrashekarThanks and bye, Anastasia
Anastasia CheethamBye, everyone!
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