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Instructions - Demonstration of TinyMCE integrated with ATutor

Instructions for seeing how TinyMCE works integrated with ATutor.

WARNING: The demonstration site is open to editing by the public, which results in changes to the content and language of the site. While the instructions that follow were accurate as of 26 March 2007, that may no longer be the case.



1. To to the ATutor demonstration site:

2. Login to "ATutor 1.5.3 Instructor Demo" by pressing the "Login" button (the login name and pasweord have been pre-entered).

3. In the tree control on the right hand side of the screen, find and select any of the pages (e.g. "Getting Started").

4. Then choose the link 'Edit Content" (SEE WARNING ABOVE)

5. If a text editor is displayed, choose the button "Switch to Visual Editor" (SEE WARNING ABOVE)



Last Updated on Friday, 13 April 2007 15:53