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Multimedia - Action Pact/Into It

Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat for New Media Lab developed a networked sculptural installation that allows individuals to enter the form of an animal and experience the sites, sounds and even movement of that animal. Individuals who “wear” the forms can interact with each other through the network. The pieces were adapted to accommodate individuals with mobility, vision, hearing and/or health disabilities. Students from Sunny View Public School participated in the project and helped to inform the accessible designs of the pieces.

A diagram showing how the cat form is constructed. The diagram shows that the back of the cat is cut away so that a participant can enter the form. Inside the form is an LCD screen for vision, a mic for sound production, a motion sensor on the right and left paws, a sending and receiving device, a cpu and data lines.


An image of a man wearing the butterfly form with his arms extended to move the wings. In the foreground a young girl stands behind the frog form which stands about 3 feet high. The back of the form is hollowed out so that the participant can enter the form.

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