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Multimedia - Right or Left Unsaid
Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat for New Media Lab has developed an accessible version of an interactive installation. Right or Left Unsaid is an interactive installation as well as a poetic art piece designed to draw awareness to one’s relationship with oneself and to other people, and is a metaphor that explores the nature of difference through touch, sound and image. Through wordplay and physical gesture, the piece creates the conditions to consider the differences between individual and group participation. Participants interact with the piece by moving their hands across a “table top.” When a participant interacts with the piece alone, words that are thematically tied to an ‘alone state’ are projected onto the user’s hand, and a single sound is heard. When two or three participants are involved, the words reflect a ‘not alone’ state and the interaction becomes colaborative. Participants’ hands become connected with lines of scrolling text and more layers of audio are heard.
Schematic diagram of three persons placing their palms on a hexagonal table inside an open steel frame with a projector and six speakers set up on it Schematic diagram of a person placing palm on a three-foot tall table with a video camera below it, with a projector and speakers placed six feet above it on a frame
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