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Event - FIS/Museum Studies Project
As a result of the initial success of the exhibit at the Design Exchange in March, the Museum Studies team and Faculty of Information Studies participated with Adaptive Technology Resource Centre staff in organizing, presenting a touring program for the Stretch/CulturAll exhibition, Perspectives on Inclusion, from May 15 through June 18, 2006.
A textile piece in which a light centre square is framed by blue fabric. The centre square shows the word “listen” across the bottom but the middle of the word is blocked by a lump of material. Other words appear across the top of the square but are not legible; they appear to be an inverted stamp of the word “listen” shown below. The word “inclusion” appears in very small print across the inverted text and a green line drawing of an eye is placed to the right between the words. In the same area on the left side is a blue smudge that may be a rubbed out drawing of an eye.

This multi-modal piece attaches a black fabric border to a centre photographic piece which shows,at the right, a figure of a girl walking along a weathered and stained brick wall. The centre of the piece is a sculptured hand forming a “peace” sign. The words “peace” and “love” are written on each of the fingers. A cut-out of a dove is placed in the upper left corner and a cut-out of a flower is place at the lower right corner.
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