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Announcement - TinyMCE Popularity

The impact of the TinyMCE accessibility upgrade on the accessibility of Web content will have a ripple down effect in proportion to its use because (1) this means more people will have access to tools to simplify accessible authoring and (2) the battle for market share will cause other editors to follow suit and add enhanced accessibility features to their products.

A snapshot of the TinyMCE usage statististics at the end of March 2007 are shown below, while the current and complete TinyMCE statistics are visibe at: TinyMCE Statistics.

In March 2007, the number of hits on the TinyMCE site was approximately 260,000. The number of downloads of TinyMCE in the same month was approximately 60,000.

Also, follow this link to view a list of authoring tools using TinyMCE


Last Updated on Friday, 13 April 2007 15:50