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Most web sites are designed for an audience that is comfortable with text-based information. However, for cultures based on an oral tradtion, including many native Canadian cultures, this can be a barrier. The purpose of this project is to explore whether strategies previously developed to make online culture accessible to people with certain disabilities, such as people with print disabilities or who are deaf, can be used to benefit members of oral cultures. Through collaboration between the De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group and the Adaptive Technology Resource Centre the project explored how online environments can be designed to benefit both individuals with disabilities and individuals who are more comfortable in an oral tradition. A report produced as a result of these discussions is available at:


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1 Document - Parents Brochure
2 Instructions - Storytelling Studio Authoring Tool
3 Document - Prototype of Web Design for Oral Cultures
4 Presentation - CulturAll Summit - Dec 2006
5 Document -Intersections: On-line Barriers to Oral Cultures and Parallels with Accessibility Barriers
6 Event - Intersection Discussion Series - Face-to-Face Meeting (1 December 2006)
7 Event - Intersection Discussion Series - Teleconference (5 October 2006)
8 Event - Intersection Discussion Series - Face-to-Face Meeting (21 September 2006)